A word from the directrice

A new Director of the «France Armenia Chamber of Commerce and Industry» Foundation was elected. 

On September 20, 2018, the Board of Trustees of the France Armenia Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation elected Mrs. ArusyakLudy-Hayrapetyan as a new Director of the Foundation.

The speech of the newly elected Director of the Chamber is presented below:

«Dear  colleagues,

It is an honor for me to take over the management of the France Armenia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The France Armenia Chamber of Commerce and Industry was  establishedin 2011, with a vision of   continuous  development and progress. Today, when commercial, industrial and economic  development  routs and systems in Armenia are being  redesigned  and re-comprehended, new cultural fundamentals  and visions are being  reconstructed and formed, the  Chamber of Commerce and Industry is definitely one of the most important levers which can  significantly facilitate the above process.

At present, Armenia and the Armenian people have reached unprecedented opportunities for progress, and France, which has demonstrated its love and friendship towards Armenia and the Armenian people for many times, today, more than ever, is the partner cooperation with whom will contribute to realization of bright visions of Armenia.

The French-Armenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of 123 chambers of commerce and industry located in 92 countries of the world and has a unique network with a huge development potential. We are going to our best and undertake all possible measures for the continuous development of bilateral French-Armenian trade and industry relations.

I express my deep gratitude to the members of the Board of Trustees of the Chamber for the unanimous demonstration of trust towards me, which is even more binding. I have the honor to undertake this important mission and to invest all my abilities and efforts to facilitatethe development, give a new impulse, as well as expand French-Armenian relationships».

With respect and bright vision of the future,

Arusyak Ludy-Hayrapetyan, Director of the French-Armenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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