Settling in

France is the second largest host country for foreign investment in the world. It has 23,000 foreign companies. Unlike other countries, the rules, rights and duties, as well as public support are the same, whether the company is French or foreign.

Foreign investment in France is free of any administrative control. Investors can buy or rent real estate, buy back companies under French law, or create their own legal structure, with no minimum amount to invest or a minimum number of jobs to create.

The chosen legal formula can be implemented, temporarily or permanently, with legal certainty, investors being able to develop their project freely under simple and inexpensive conditions .

In France, the deadlines for creating a company are among the shortest in the world, the administrative formalities having been considerably simplified. The electronic completion of all business creation formalities has been possible for several years now, allowing registration within a few hours. Nearly one million businesses have emerged over the past three years.

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