The main objective of the CCIFA is to facilitate contacts between member companies  and other companies, in order to enable them to identify opportunities to work together.
Its primary purpose is to animate the French-Armenian business community, but also to support French or Armenian companies in their international development.

Depending on your strategy, your company profile and your wish to support the work of CCI France Arménie, we offer different options to join CCIFA:

-    Supporter: You want your business to have a first approach of the French-Armenian economic world, begin to build relationships in order to grow your network? You want to give a boost to your young company by positioning it at the heart of events organized by CCI France Arménie, by participating in many meetings for you and some of your employees? Then this subscription category is the best for you to (re) energize your relationships and to expand your network.

-    Donator: By becoming Donator of CCI, you give more visibility to your business and allow greater participation of your employees to events organized by the Chamber. Real communication lever, this subscription type gives you access to exclusive services that allow you to reach a higher visibility level.

-    Benefactor: You want to develop a special relationship with CCI France Arménie, to have access to all of its services for you and several of your employees, and to be part of the core of the Chamber by participating in strategic decisions? This subscription category will give you full satisfaction by offering access to all the benefits of CCI.







SME type businesses

Intermediary companies

Large companies or sponsors


450 000 AMD

600 000 AMD

1 200 000 AMD








The choice of subscription type is left to the discretion of each company according to its objectives and expectations towards CCI France Arménie. The information above is on illustration purpose only.




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