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Ameriabank Wins in 3 Nominations of Global Finance World’s Best Digital Bank Awards 2023


Ameriabank has won in 3 nominations of Global Finance World’s Best Digital Banks Awards. In particular, the Bank has received awards for the Best Innovation and Transformation in Armenia for 2023, the Best Online Product Offerings in Armenia for 2023, and the Best in Consumer Lending in Armenia for 2023.

Winning banks were selected based on the following criteria: strength of strategy for attracting and servicing digital customers, success in getting clients to use digital offerings, growth of digital customers, breadth of product offerings, evidence of tangible benefits gained from digital initiatives, and web/mobile site design and functionality, as well as relative strength and success of web products and services.

“With artificial intelligence and machine learning rapidly advancing, the standards for the best digital offerings are constantly evolving,” said Joseph Giarraputo, founder and editorial director of Global Finance. “Global Finance’s Best Digital Bank awards honor those financial institutions blazing the digitalization way.”

“The ongoing transformation of our business through the most advanced digital technologies is a key strategic priority for us. Having embarked on this journey years ago, we consistently and purposefully work towards developing and improving our ecosystems and digital solutions. These awards are the international recognition of our commitment to delivering the best digital customer experience”, said Arman Barseghyan, Retail Banking Director at Ameriabank.

As of H1 2023 Ameriabank reported:

  • 98% branch offloading rate
  • 82% cash offloading rate
  • 73% online banking penetration rate
  • 24% YtD growth of the number of mobile and internet banking users
  • 76% share of online consumer loans in total consumer loans
  • 33% of primary market mortgage loans were issued via digital channels.
  • 70% of loans to small and medium enterprises with annual turnover within 750 million AMD were issued via digital channels.

Currently Ameriabank offers about 45 services online.

About Ameriabank:

Ameriabank is a leading financial and technology company in Armenia, a major contributor to the Armenian economy, with assets exceeding AMD 1 trillion. In the course of digital transformation, it has launched a number of innovative solutions and platforms going beyond banking-only needs of its diverse customer base, thus creating a dynamically evolving financial technology space. 

Ameria was the first in Armenia to create ecosystems for both businesses and individuals, which give one-window access to a range of banking and non-banking services, among them -,,

As a truly customer-centric company, Ameria aims to be a trusted and secure financial technology space with seamless solutions to improve the quality of life.

Ameriabank is regulated by the Central Bank of RA.

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