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Council N°1

In Armenia, foreign investments are encouraged by the government. The investment does not require any prior authorization. The field of foreign investmens is regulated mainly by the Law on «Foreign Investements».

This law sets out the rights, guarantees and privileges of foreign investors. The law guarantees equal treatment of foreign and domestic investors, restricts the government’s ability to confiscate investor property, guarantees full compensation in the event of nationalization or confiscation by the government, provides acces to Armenian and international courts to resolve trade disputes, allow full repatriation of profits and property.

Foreign investments are allowed in broad sectors of the economy and in various forms. Investments are protected for five years against unfavorable legislative changes.

Council N°2

There are almost no restrictions on the sectors in which a foreign investor can invest, with the exception of territories where foreign investment may be limited due to the need for national defense. Prior approval to make an investment is generally not required, except for investment establishments, such as banks, investment companies and some utilities.

Council N°3

It is possible to ensure the confidentiality of corporate ownership by selecting the right corporate structure or by using nominee services. Banking secrecy is strictly protected by law and it is an offense to disclose it.

Armenia not participate in the Automatic Exchange of information of the FIS (AEOI). Armenia does not appear on any list of offshore jurisdictions, which testifies to its positive image and credibility. The country has up-to-date anti-money laundering legislation and the Central Bank ensures the security, stability and good reputation of the banking system.

Council N°4

Since January 2015, Armenia has been a member of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), which creates the following opportunities :

  • Import duty free of raw materials from EAUE member states.ustoms formali
  • No customs formalities during mutual trade between EAEU member states, leading to lower financial costs and time consuming for businesses.
  • No non-tariff trade measures and technical barriers to trade between EAEU member countries.
  • favorable import tariffs for around 750 products.

Armenia has signed free trade agreements with Georgia and most of the CIS countries. Armenia currently enjoys GSP beneficiary status along with Canada, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, and the United States. Since 2009, Armenia has also been on the list of countries benefiting from the European Union’s GSP+.

Council N°5

Armenia is an attractive technology market with huge potential, a competitive workforce, a strategic location and a business environment that offers gereat opportunities for both established and start-up entrepreneurs and investors.

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