Privileges program

Benefits around the world.

Launched by  CCI France International, the Privileges program brings together hundreds of service providers at an international level. Each year, several thousand Privileges cards are distributed worldwide the French CCIs internationally.

The Privileges card allows you to obtain advantages and exclusive rates (purchases, services, hotels, etc.) in Armenia and around the world.

As a member of CCI France Armenia, you benefit from the avantages of this program free of charge and have one or more personal Privileges cards for yourself and your employees:

If you wish to obtain more cards for your employees, a participation of 10,000AMD will be required.

Whether you are a CCI France Armenia member or not, you can become a parthner of the Privileges program and promote your brand image with member companies of the Chamber and  within the CCI France International network.

To discover all the Privileges card in France, Armenia and everywhere else in the world, enter in the box above the access code with 5 digits and letters present on your Privileges card.

Reserved for membersExclusive advantages and privileges

Fine foods, hospitality, leisure and other services


No privilege matches your search

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