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Conference on "the consequences of counterfeiting on the economy and public health"

The CCI France Armenia has jointly organized with UFAR a conference on the theme of counterfeiting in the presence of the Minister of Justice Mr. Karen ANDREASSIAN and the Minister of Health Mrs. Anahit AVANESSIAN.

This conference entitled "the consequences of counterfeiting on the economy and public health", was held in front of an audience of UFAR students and was animated by the intervention of the president of the CCI France Armenia Tigran Arakelian, the rector of UFAR Bertrand Venard, business leaders as well as representatives of several Armenian governmental organizations.

Tigran Arakelian, the de facto spokesman of the French companies established or trading in Armenia, drew up a scathing report of the phenomenon in Armenia "the counterfeit products of bad quality degraded the image of the Armenian economy at the international level and with potential investors interested in investing here", he added "there are counterfeit shampoos on sale in the largest chain of stores in Armenia in which traces of products classified as carcinogenic by the WHO (World Health Organization) have been detected".

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