France in Armenia

The French economic presence in Armenia is progressing every year. French companies with worldwide reputations come to settle in a country where among the main factors of attraction one finds the obvious prospects of an emerging market, the emergence of the development of the infrastructures, the workforce to a good level of education and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as the historical links between France and Armenia, which are already transformed into friendships. Since independence more than 100 French companies already well established in Armenia.

Among the largest sites playing a significant role in the country's economy are Yerevan Brandy Company, SAUR Sevan, Air France, ACBA Credit Agricole Bank, Grant Thornton Armenia, Veolia, and others.

The total volume of bilateral trade in 2014 is EUR 62.1 million. French exports to Armenia reached EUR 48.3 million, up 28.1% compared to 2013, the best result since the record recorded in 2008 (EUR 84.3 million). Imports from Armenia followed the same trend, reaching the level of EUR 13.8 million in 2014 (+ 12.9% compared to 2013)

With a market share of around 1.4% in 2014, France remains a second-tier commercial supplier for Armenia, according to official statistics, behind notably Russia (24.3%), China (9% ), Germany (6.2%), Ukraine (5%), Turkey (5%), Iran (4%), Switzerland (4%), the United States (3%) , Japan or Brazil (2%). The EU remains Armenia's largest trading partner (25.5%).

The trade balance between France and Armenia continues to show a surplus balance in favor of France in 2014, which rose + 35.3% compared to 2013, to EUR 34.5 million. In 2014, industrial products constitute the majority of trade between the two countries: 65% of French exports and 92% of imports.

In 2014 France mainly exported industrial products (65%). These are primarily metal and metallurgical products (31%), whose strong sales growth (+ 481%) is mainly attributable to deliveries to the Yerevan watercourse renovation project (financed by RPE - the Emerging Countries Reserve, an instrument implemented by the French Treasury, which aims to provide developing countries, and in particular emerging countries, with the expertise of French industrialists and groups and SMEs)). The other products exported are chemicals, perfumes and cosmetics (20%), which remain stable in volume (€ 6.6m) in front of miscellaneous machines (10.8%) and agri-food products (10.8%). Purchases mainly consist of industrial products (12M € or 92%), mainly metallurgical and metal products (10M €). France absorbs 0.4% of Armenian global exports and is behind Russia (22%), Iran, USA, Canada and Germany (6%), Iraq (3%), Switzerland (2%), Turkmenistan and Ukraine (1%). French investments are currently concentrated in the agri-food and banking sectors.

Armenia receives public funding from France: RPE loan for the renovation of drinking water supply and sanitation systems in the capital Yerevan; interventions by AFD (renovation of housing) and its subsidiary Proparco (financing of SMEs in agribusiness and agriculture).

Franco-Armenian relations are also dense in terms of cultural and technical cooperation (total funding of € 342,393). Since 4 November 1995, there has been an intergovernmental agreement for cultural, scientific and technical cooperation between France and Armenia. France's priorities in Armenia are the teaching of French and the training of elites, particularly through the French University in Armenia which hosts more than 900 students per year for training in law, commerce and management, sanctioned by a double - French and Armenian diploma, in partnership with Lyon III University. France also supports various cultural events such as film festivals, comics and animated film, week of the Francophonie and the festival of music.

Decentralized cooperation is very dynamic. Twenty French local authorities are involved in twinning and cooperation projects with Armenia, in extremely varied fields (tourism, health ...)

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